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Teen Braces: How To Persuade Mom & Dad To Let You Get Braces

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Braces (and teen braces) are pretty common these days. You probably have several friends who have braces now or had them when they were younger. You should also know that orthodontic treatment isn’t the torture you may have once thought. It’ really no big deal! If you’ve been thinking about getting braces for your health, appearance, or self-esteem, you […]

Bop-It Quarterly Contest Winners!!

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Some of our team members couldn’t hold up under pressure! Find out who could “selfie-it” and “comb-it” and who couldn’t quite “hammer-it”! Two winners get their choice of one of our awesome prizes shown below!

What Are Some of The Most Popular Types of Braces?

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When you think of braces, you may be picturing metal wires and brackets with colorful elastics, but did you know that there are many types of braces? Metal braces—sometimes called traditional braces—are what most people imagine when they think about braces. While metal brackets may be the most widely used form of orthodontics in America, […]

Do I Have To Wear My Retainer?

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“Do I have to wear my retainer” is a question that we hear often from patients. The short answer is yes. If you get braces or Invisalign®, you’re going to have to wear a retainer afterward. The good news is that you’ll effectively be done with your orthodontic treatment—congratulations! While wearing a retainer doesn’t sound […]


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